F&B POS System
The All-Rounder Of Restaurant Management

Optimize your restaurant with our F&B POS system. A POS system that manages all aspects of restaurant operations.

All in one Restaurant POS system Dashboard for Complete F&B business operation.

Why Orderz F&B POS System Is The Best Choice?

OrderZ POS system in Singapore has key components that are beneficial for any kind of business

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Increased margins

A commission-free online ordering platform that supports & boosts your bottom line with an increased profit margin.

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Online Ordering System

A POS Software that facilitates an online ordering system to accept food orders online from anywhere at any time.

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Flexible Integrations

Integrate with Online Ordering, QR ordering, self-ordering kiosks, payment terminals, and with other hardware devices as well.

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All at one cost

Get all the services & features at one cost. There are no additional charges or add-on costs to avail the features.

Get More Done With Orderz F&B POS System In Singapore.

Embrace our POS technology & witness the wonders that our POS Software does to many F&B businesses in Singapore.

F&B POS System With KDS & KOT

KDS & KOT system that comes with our F&B POS helps you run your restaurant business in Singapore smoothly.

  • KDS (Kitchen Display System) & KOT (Kitchen Order Ticketing) are the two main features of our restaurant POS system to keep the kitchen flow hassle-free.

  • KDS displays the food orders in the visual form, directly, to the kitchen.

  • KOT enables kitchen staff to print the tokens for the ordered foods.

Save your time with the orderz restaurant POS system.
Restaurant POS system with quick payment option.

F&B POS System - A Bulwark Of F&B Businesses

With a robust, secure & variety of payment options, allow customers to pay with their desired option.

  • With credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payments, make quick transactions from anywhere.

  • With your payment terminal, allow customers to pay faster at the table itself.

  • No additional fees or installation charges.

  • Reliable online transactions through robust and secure payment gateways in Singapore like Grabpay, Stripe, etc.

Quick QR Order Cum Payment Option

Allow your clients to order & pay with a quick QR code scanner. No need to wait so long for the bills at checkout counters.

  • Each table has an automatically generated QR code.
  • Scan QR codes to order, request service, and pay using mobile devices to reduce waiting times.
  • Send real-time transaction data and order updates directly to your POS software with a fully integrated platform.
  • Give the best customer experience & get increased table turnover.
women taking orders through restaurant POS system.
Restaurant POS system with multiple payment options.

Other Insights

  • Our F&B cloud POS system allows you to access information faster at any time.
  • Use our reporting tools to understand how your restaurant performs & helps you plan what to do to shun the shortcomings.
  • A combined dashboard for online orders as well as for POS allows you to work more efficiently.
  • Customizable delivery area to reach as many customers as possible.

Streamline Your Restaurant Operations With F&B Cloud POS System.

Revolutionize your restaurant with our F&B Cloud POS System and make your operations even faster than before.

An F&B POS System To Hook More Customers.

  • Offer Combos & Deals

    Give your customers new ways to enjoy their favorite foods. Attract visitors to your website by offering special offers like combos, and item-based discounts.

  • Encourage repeat visits

    With our effective ordering kiosk system cum restaurant pos system, customers can do self-ordering which will improve your marketing outreach and keep customers coming back.

  • Increase the check size

    Easily showcase popular menu items or suggest top-selling recommendations to your customers based on real-time data reports.

Restaurant POS system with the online ordering system.
woman customer gives takeaway order to a customer

An Online-Friendly F&B POS System

  • Seamless order experience

    Customers can quickly re-order their favorites or schedule their orders in advance and enjoy a mobile-friendly experience.

  • Delivery Integrations

    Accept food orders & payments online and offer your delivery service to your customers at their doorstep.

  • Distinct Order Interface

    Give a distinct ordering experience to your customers through takeaway & dine-in options on your restaurant website.

An Integrated F&B POS System

  • Easy Order Management

    Send orders directly to your kitchen and restaurant POS easily- no need for manual entries.

  • Manage order Flow

    Easily manage your order status even during peak hours. Assign orders to your kitchen in a flow & manage them without any hassle.

  • Get started easily

    It's simpler than ever to set up your online ordering system. To get started, just activate the POS in it and create your menu to accept orders.

Simple Dashboard view of orderz restaurant POS system.

How Orderz F&B Cloud POS System Takes Your Business To The Next Level

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System That Takes Your F & B Business to the Next Level.

Features Of Orderz F&B POS System

Here are the features of our POS software for restaurants that will make wonders & increase your sales.

POS Product

User-Friendly Interface

A simple and easy-to-use interface to make your customers browse and order food quickly.

POS Product

Various Payment modes

Easily accept a variety of payment options like card payments, Online payments, and hand-in cash from your customers.

POS Product

Fast and accurate billing

Run your store smoothly with fast & accurate billing service. No need to get tensed of delay in the billing process.

POS Product

Manage From Anywhere

Remotely manage your restaurant’s sales, items, and customer analytics in real-time from anywhere at any time.

POS Product

Integrated Online Ordering

Combined online ordering channels to manage online orders from POS. Sync product details and enable or disable items easily.

POS Product

Sales and Analytics Report

Reports keep you posted about your restaurant’s revenue & sales to take wise decisions. Also, get the reports of your restaurant’s branches in a single place.

POS Product

Customer Relationship Management

Offer discounts, deals, & combos to your special customers and keep them regular to your restaurant in Singapore.

POS Product

Device compatibility

An all-device-compatible Singapore POS system makes it easy for you to manage restaurant operations on a mobile, tablet, or PC.

POS Product

Cost-efficient features

An affordable restaurant POS system with various features serves the needs of restaurants of all sizes.

OrderZ F&B POS System - Known For Customers’ Loyalty.

Build a strong client base for your F&B business by using our restaurant POS system.

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Responsive support

We understand the emergency and are always committed to finding a quick solution to your problems.

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Offline mode

OrderZ’s restaurant POS software works even without the internet. Punch-in orders, get reports or store customer data without any hassle.

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Provide gift cards

Create your gift cards and reward your buyers with points to inspire them to become regular customers.

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24x7 live support

OrderZ team is 24/7 accessible to address your technical issues and any other inquiries or concerns.

OrderZ F&B Cloud POS System - Your Marketing Partner

All that is required to brand your F&B business, in Singapore, of any size can be done through our market-friendly POS.

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Multiple Banner Images

Set multiple banner images or use ongoing offer posters as banner images to attract more customers & intrigue them to order food online.

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Manage Multiple Coupons

Offer Multiple Coupons as a separate section on your online ordering website & let your customers avail the coupons of their wish.

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Customizable Combos

Give a Separate list of food items in the combo offer & let your customers choose the foods from the list as per their wish.

F&B POS System For The New Age Restaurants.

Manage your daily F&B business operations with the OrderZ Restaurant POS system.

24-hour support services to fix your problem

24-hour customer service

Reach our representative at any time; They are always available and ready to help. Leave a message in the chat box and clear your problems.

Restaurant pos software that makes a quicker transaction with multiple payment methods.

Payment methods

Offer your customers multiple payment methods such as bank transfers or other popular payment streams that make them comfortable.

Manage your Orders easily with the orderz restaurant POS.
Manage your restaurant's daily operations with OrderZ Restaurant POS software

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on-site with below FAQs

POS stands for Point Of Sale. A restaurant point-of-sale system includes POS hardware and hospitality point-of-sale software that manages a sales transaction, including credit card processing, receipt printing, and more.
This is the best software that can be used to organize and run your restaurant efficiently. The restaurant pos system helps to take orders and process payments quickly. It's a kind of special calculator that helps restaurant workers do their work easily, without any delay.
With the restaurant pos system, it is simple to access customer information and sales statistics. It groups the data into reports with specified categories to improve comparisons and use the information for future planning.
Yes. It is possible to install and integrate Orderz’s restaurant pos system into the pre-existing hardware.
Online ordering system helps you save time and money by automating tasks like billing prices, sales reporting, etc. It can also provide real-time data on sales and customers' needs which helps you make the right decisions, accordingly.
OrderZ’s restaurant pos system accepts all types of payments, including various online payment methods. You can also monitor the transaction from anywhere, at any time.
Yes, Our online ordering system solution is compatible with mobiles, tablets, or any smartphone. This can be useful for businesses that need to process transactions, simultaneously or in places without a traditional checkout counter.